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DIY Spit Rotisserie Kits for Sale

If you want to build a spit roaster, we've put together some great DIY Spit Rotisserie Kits to help you complete your Home Made Spit roaster. DIY Rotisserie Kits include a range of spit motors, rotisserie skewers, and rotisserie accessories. All you need is the base/frame where the lump charcoal will go, and our DIY rotisserie kit will take care of the time-consuming parts which make up the top. 

So you need ideas on how to build a Rotisserie? The easiest and most readily available components that our customers have used to make rotisserie bases are out of 44 gallons drums, kegs, Hot water heaters, LPG tanks (but please be very very careful) and brick up fire pits. 

DIY rotisserie kits can be easily bolted onto the side of your drum/keg etc. by drilling a couple of holes through the upright pillars and securing them to the side of your spit base. The skewer support bracket and motor are attached to the upright pillars. The skewer sits in the motor and support brackets at either end. The beauty of this kind of set-up is that your skewer is fully height adjustable by sliding the motor/skewer up and down the upright pillar. 

If you can't find a DIY Spit Rotisserie Kit that suits your needs, skewers, motors, and accessories can all be purchased individually allowing you to make up your own custom kit that will work the way you want to.

Still unsure which DIY spit rotisserie kit you need? Give one of our friendly charcoal cooking experts a call, click on live chat at the bottom of the screen or visit us in store. 

DIY Spit Rotisseries | Simple Home Made Rotisserie

DIY Spit Rotisserie Kits - Everything you need to know about building your own Spit Rotisserie

If you're a handy type of guy and you are looking to add some extra flavour to your backyard BBQs, a DIY spit rotisserie kit is a perfect way to do it! Spit roasting adds that delicious smoky flavour to your meat that will make your guests ask for seconds. Not only is it a great way to cook meat, but vegetables and fruits can also be roasted on a spit. At BBQ Spit Rotisserie, we offer everything you need to build your own DIY spit in your backyard. We have fire pits, skewers, prongs and more - all at affordable prices. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced DIYer, we have everything you need to get started! 

With our DIY rotisserie kits, you can easily build a rotisserie in no time! 

We supply a range of kits from universal Gas 4-6 burn BBQ rotisserie kits perfect for turning your existing BBQ into a spit roasting weapon to full heavy-duty portable camping spits that can roast whole animals like pigs and lambs. 

We are proud to offer the widest range of components for Spit Rotisseries available. You will find everything you need to build a DIY Spit Rotisserie for your backyard or you can even make a portable rotisserie to take camping. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started today. Browse through our DIY spit kits and see which best suits your project. 

DIY Spit Rotisserie Kit FAQs | Everything you need to know about build a Rotisserie

When it comes to a DIY Spit Rotisserie, there are a few essential components that you really can’t do without. 

Firstly, what will you use to house your fire? Will it be an old 44-gallon drum or do you perhaps need a fire pit? Maybe you are thinking about building a gas rotisserie. Then you need to make sure you get gas components that are gas approved and have all the fail safes. Next consider what is going to hold my skewer, motor and meat. This is where we can help. We offer tripods, mounts and all other types of fasteners and brackets for many different setups. 
Finally, you are of course going to need a skewer and motor compatible with what you are trying to cook. 

From there, identify what accessories you require for what you want to cook. Large animal prongs, back braces, leg brackets and a counterbalance weight are all essential for full animals. 

Small spit rotisseries might need chicken prongs, gyro discs, basket to get started.

Yes, we have a range of battery-operated DIY Spit Rotisserie Kits.

The hardest part of building a Rotisserie is making the prongs, motors and mounting brackets. That is why we created kits to take that gruelling task away from you. Building a rotisserie body and assembling it is quite easy and a lot of fun. So if you pick and choose what parts you want to make then no, it really isn’t difficult to make your own rotisserie. 

The main benefit of building your own DIY Spit Rotisserie is having complete control over your requirements, to retrofit your existing equipment or improving/upgrading what you already own. There is also a great sense of pride when you have built your own spit roaster and cook a feast on it. 

304 Food Grade stainless steel is so important as it doesn’t flake or chip off into your food like chrome plating can. Not only is it safer, but it’s also easier to clean and won’t rust. It really is a quality material that will last a lifetime.

While it’s not essential to use a counter balance weight, we HIGHLY recommend you do. Consider it an insurance policy on the health and longevity of your motor. A counter balance weight will stop the ‘flopping’ of the heavy side of the animal when spit roasting to ensure you have evenly cooked meat. 

If you have built a small spit roaster where the skewer is less than 10mm square in diameter and you need some accessories then I highly recommend you browse through our jumbuck mini spit prongs and accessories.

If you own a BBQ smoker and you want to put a rotisserie kit on it then yes, you can, but it affectivness really depends on what type of smoker you have. If you have an offset smoker where you can put natural charcoal across the base of the smoking chamber then this will work perfectly as a spit roast. If you have a kettle BBQ and you want to put a rotisserie for a kettle BBQ on it then this will also work very well. If you have a smoker such as a gravity fed smoker or a pellet smoker, then a rotisserie kit will not cook efficiently.