Low and Slow: Mastering the Art of Cooking Perfect Lamb on a Kettle BBQ


Low and Slow: Mastering the Art of Cooking Perfect Lamb on a Kettle BBQ

This image shows Perfect Lamb cooked on Sns Kettle BBQ

 Are you tired of lacklustre lamb that's been half-heartedly grilled on your kettle BBQ? Do you dream of juicy, succulent slabs of flesh that practically melt in the mouth and come accompanied by a smoky aroma redolent of barbecued perfection? If so, then it's time to take your BBQ skills up a notch. So keep reading to get all the tips and tricks needed to achieve deliciousness every single time!


Ingredients list: 

  • Lamb Backstrap and Rack of Lamb Cutlets 
  • Boomas Sheared and Seared BBQ seasoning
  • Mint Jelly
  • Pomegranate molasses
  • Honey
  • Butter Apple Cinnamon Glaze by Rib Candy

Difficulty: Easy 



1. Trim any excess fat or skin from your cuts of lamb. 

This image shows the excess fat of the lamb being trimmed.

2. Lightly oil your lamb. Season your cuts with Booma’s sheared and seared BBQ seasoning


3. Place them on the indirect side of your kettle bbq 

4. While your lamb is cooking it’s time to make a sauce! 

5. Combine mint jelly, pomegranate molasses, honey, butter and apple cinnamon glaze from Rib Candy. Roughly equal parts of each. Stir over low heat until combined. 

This image shows Butter, honey, apple cinnamon glaze combine in a bowl.

6. Sear your lamb over the charcoals to finish, remove from the kettle bbq

7. Slice and sauce with the pomegranate glaze - enjoy immediately. 

This image shows sliced Lamb


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by: Michael Wilkie