Roasting Beef and Potatoes with Auspit

Roasting Beef and Potatoes with Auspit

Roasting Beef and Potatoes with Auspit

Roast Beef is a crowd favourite; its juiciness and tenderness make everyone fall in love with it. We also love serving roast beef alongside roasted potato. Today we will show you how you can cook this delicious dish easily with the help of the Auspit Spit Rotisserie. Just follow these steps and enjoy your meal!


  • Beef Sirloin
  • Potatoes
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt, Pepper or your favourite Rub


What you need:



First, lightly coat the meat with olive oil. Then season it with your favourite seasoning.


This photo shows how to coat the Meat with Olive Oil This photo shows how to seasoned a meat.


After seasoning, attach the meat to the skewer and make sure it is secured by using prongs


Attach Meat to the Skewer

Roast beef over hot coals using the Auspit Portable Spit Roaster.

Roast Beef with Auspit Portable Spit Roaster

Now for the side dish, parboil potatoes. Coat them with oil and season. Put potatoes inside the Spitmate basket and roast them 45 minutes to an hour.


Side Dish Parboil Potatoes This photo shows some potatoes inside Spit mate Basket This photo shows a meat cooking on Auspit Rotisserie

Once done, remove the meat from the fire and allow it to rest.

This photo shows how to slice Roast Beef


As simple as that! You can now serve your favourite roast beef and enjoy!

Roast Beef Potatoes with Auspit


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