Bunnings Spit: How to Cook Tomahawk Steaks in a Spit Basket

Bunnings Spit: How to Cook Tomahawk Steaks in a Spit Basket


For anyone who loves steak, (like us) you’re going to want to keep reading. Because we are going to show you an unconventional method to cooking perfect Tomahawk steaks. It involves a bunnings spit and a rotisserie basket. 
Did you know the infamous Bunnings Spit is the perfect way to cook incredible tomahawk steaks?
Equipment you’ll need
This recipe uses a Jumbuck Mini Spit from Bunnings warehouse, and the results are truly amazing. If you haven’t heard about the $85 Jumbuck Mini Spit from Bunnings, do yourself a favour and check it out. They punch well above their weight and have received a cult following. 
You’ll also need a spit rotisserie basket. We highly recommend our range of 304 food grade stainless steel multi use baskets. They come in two sizes, in today’s cook we are using the larger basket to accommodate the length of the tomahawk steaks. 
Lastly, you need a fuel source, we opted for the clean burning all natural Flaming Coals lump charcoal. It’s a great choice for Spit Roasting as it burns hot, produces very little ash and has a fantastic burn time. It’s a great all rounder and a perfect accompaniment to any BBQer’s arsenal. 
The first step is to get your tomahawk steaks out of the fridge and bring them up to room temperature. It should take roughly half an hour. Next season each of your tomahawk steaks with one of these two amazing Australian rubs. Low N Slow Basics - Steak Shooter and Boomas BBQ - Glazed and blazed. 




Apply liberally and ensure you cover all sides and edges. Allow the rub to sit for up to 20 minutes to ensure it penetrates the meat and provides great flavour. 



Next place the tomahawk steaks into the spit roasting basket and set aside while you light the charcoal. 



You can use your preferred method to light your charcoal or briquettes, however in today’s cook we are using the Flaming Coals Electric Charcoal Starter wand. This is the quickest method for getting your charcoal roaring, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes before you can begin cooking. We like this method when we are in a rush, or just hungry. 




Place your spit rotisserie skewer and spit rotisserie basket onto the Bunnings Spit and turn on the motor. Pro-tip: you should be able to hold your hand at the height of your basket for around 3 seconds to ensure the correct cooking temperature. 



Continue roasting the tomahawk steaks on the Bunnings Spit for roughly 1 hour or until the internal temperature of the steaks reaches 135f or 57.2c. This will be a perfect medium rare. A beautiful crispy caramelised bark will be set on the steaks. 
Remove the spit rotisserie basket from the Bunnings Spit. You won’t need the jumbuck mini spit again. Remove your tomahawk steaks from the spit rotisserie basket and allow them to rest for 20 minutes before slicing. 



When slicing the tomahawks steaks ensure you cut against the grain with a very sharp knife for best results. Ensure you slice in thin even pieces. 


We can’t wait to see your results when trying this epic Tomahawk Steak recipe cooked on the Bunnings Spit. Be sure to share your images with us in the official Flaming Coals BBQ Community Facebook group. Your next cook could score you amazing prizes. You’ll also be a part of a supportive community, get free access to recipes, inspiration and expert advice. 
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by: Michael Wilkie