Mini Spit Roaster to be Used for CUB Promotion

Mini Spit Roaster to be Used for CUB Promotion

After a year of planning, designing and manufacturing, the mini spit has now arrived! 

Early this year we were set the task of designing and making a mini spit roaster for Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) to use in an upcoming promotion. Being such a large company who is quite particular with their branding, we knew the bar was set high and that the mini spit had to be functional, be different (and superior) to other mini spits available for sale and most of all stand up to the stringent quality assurance testing that we knew a company such as CUB would expect. 

Needless to say, after lot of hard work, we were able to successfully deliver 400 mini spits to CUB in August. All fully branded with their Carlton Mid strength logo ready for rolling out in BWS stores in the next few months

Our lead designer Tony Teboneras had the task of designing a mini spit. "The mini spit needed to be compact and portable so it could be taken away camping, it needed to be able to be used as either a spit roaster or a BBQ and we had to ensure functionality and quality were the number one priority given who we were designing it for. I am confident that this is the best mini spit available in the Australian market." 

The mini spit is great for either taking away with you camping, going 4x4 or out on a family picnic, but it also works really well at home either by resting it on the ground, or propping it up on a bench. Despite it's portability, it is large enough to cook 2 good-sized roasts, 3 chickens or 10kgs of gyros.


Some of the mini spit features are:

* Easy to assemble - takes less than 5 minutes and no tools are required. *Comes with a cooking grill so you can BBQ

* Rotisserie is height adjustable so you can control over how fast/slow your food cooks

* Uses 2 D batteries which will last for at least 20 hours (batteries included)

*Rotisserie motor is capable of turning 10 kgs

*Includes 2 prongs to affix your meat

*Everything packs away inside the fire box so you can pick it up and carry like a brief case

*Dimensions: 72.5(L) x 34 (W) x 10.5 (D) cm

Extra accessories such as gyros disks, chicken prongs, counter balance weights, baskets etc are all available for separate purchase to turn the mini spit into a versatile all in one roaster

The mini spit (without the CUB logo) is available for purchase here

by: Rhiannon Peterson