Spit Rotisserie Basics: What You Should Know Before You Start

Spit Rotisserie Basics: What You Should Know Before You Start

If you're thinking about purchasing a spit roaster, there are some things you should know before making your purchase. What type of meat will you be cooking? What is the size of your group? Do you want to cook whole animals? How often do you plan to use it? These are all important questions that you need to answer before investing in this piece of equipment. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of spit roasting and provide some tips to help you find the right Flaming Coals Spit Rotisserie for you!


Spit roasting is a great way to cook small or large groups of people, with beautiful smokey flavours. The rotating action of the spit allows for even cooking and browning of the meat. It also keeps the juices circulating, so the meat stays moist and flavorful. Spit roasting can be done over an open fire or with a gas-fuelled rotisserie like the Flaming Coals Dual Fuel Spits.

This photo shows a Dual Fuel Spit Roaster 1000mm | Flaming Coals


When choosing a cut of meat for spit roasting, keep in mind that it will take longer to cook than other methods. Plan on cooking for at least two hours, or longer if your piece of meat is larger. The best cuts of meat for spit roasting are tender and juicy, such as a rib roast or pork loin.





If you plan on cooking for a large group and whole animals, charcoal-fuelled rotisserie is a way to go. It will give you a higher heat and a much better flavour. Make sure you have either a Charcoal Chimney or Charcoal Starter Wand to help get your charcoal going. With charcoal cooking, you will control the speed of the cook in two ways. 1) the size of the heat bed and 2) the distance the spit rotisserie is away from the charcoal.

This photo shows a Mega Size 9L Charcoal Fire Starter Chimney

Whichever method you choose, make sure you have plenty of wood, charcoal or a spare LPG bottle to keep the fire going for the duration of cooking, you never want to run out halfway through.
This photo shows an Electric Charcoal Starter Wand by Flaming Coals


Now that you know the basics of spit roasting, it's time to get started! Gather your supplies, invite some friends over, and enjoy a delicious meal cooked the old-fashioned way. Spit roasting is a great way to entertain and impress your guests, so don't be afraid to experiment with different cuts of meat and seasoning combinations. With a little practice, you'll be a spit-roasting pro in no time!


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by: Michael Wilkie