What is the benefit of injecting meat and what can I use?

Meat Injector

What is the benefit of injecting meat and what can I use?

Injecting Meat

Why do you need to inject meat when barbecuing?

There are two main reasons why we inject meat when smoking or slow cooking. First, it adds flavour to the meat. This is more important when competing in BBQ competitions. You need to inject as much flavour as you can because the judges will base their decision on one single bite. That is all it takes to win or lose. Secondly, by injecting the meat you add moisture which will result in a juicy, flavourful bite.

What can I use to inject meat?

Injection ingredients can be made up of many things. In competitions, the most commonly used are phosphate and nitrates. At home, you can use apple juice, apple cider vinegar, rub/water mixtures to name a few. There are also many meat-specific bbq injections available in the market, we suggest trialling a few and then using the one you like the most.

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by: Rhiannon Peterson