How to prepare a Beef Brisket for Perfect Smoking


How to prepare a Beef Brisket for Perfect Smoking

Delicious Brisket Delicious Brisket Delicious Brisket

In this video, we will briefly take you through how to prepare a beef brisket for smoking.

Step 1:

Carefully remove the brisket from the cryovac wrapping.

Step 2:

Inspect the brisket's shape to determine what parts to trim or cut completely. Cut anything off that looks as though it will either burn or obstruct the cooking process by being too thick.

Step 3:

Begin trimming the hard sections of fat from the 'Point' of the brisket. These sections are too thick to render (break down) properly when cooking. Continue trimming the excess fat from the brisket.

Step 4:

Now we begin to shape the brisket starting with the 'Flat' end. We remove this end as it is very thin and will overcook. Trimming the brisket to make it more aerodynamic means the heat and smoke will pass over and around it more evenly.

Step 5:

Finally, we flip over the brisket and cut off any hard, thick sections of fat that won't render properly through the cooking process. Now it's ready for a rub and then into the smoker.

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 By: Rhiannon Peterson