What Spit Roasting Accessories do I Need?

What Spit Roasting Accessories do I Need?

Essential Spit Roast Accessories

BBQ spit roasting is one of the best ways of preparing food there are a vast array of accessories that can be used to improve the experience.

There are lots of BBQ spit roast accessories available providing convenience to your cooking and helping ensure your meat is perfectly cooked. There are accessories to help secure your meat to the rotisserie skewer and then there are accessories that will make the cooking process more accessible.  We consider some of our favourite spit-roast accessories essential to your spit-roasting arsenal. 
Recommended Spit Roast Accessories
  • Prongs– you’ll need 2 per roast to ensure your meat is affixed securely. Large prongs are used to secure whole animals, whereas smaller chicken prongs are used to secure roasts and chickens.
  • Souvlaki gyros disks you’ll need 2 disks to squash the meat from either side. Disks will make your life easier if you’re cooking gyros so this style of cooking requires regular carving of the meat and it is easier to carve up against a flat surface than dodging the spikes of the prongs.

  • Counter Balance Weight - Highly recommend if cooking a whole animal to ensure even rotation. If your animal isn’t balanced, the motor will not turn the meat evenly and you may strip the motor gears.

  • Heat Proof Gloves – protect your hands and forearms from the coals and never burn yourself again


  • Cooking Thermometer – cook your roasts to perfection by testing the internal temperature of the meat. Each type of meat requires it to be different internal temperature to be considered safe for consumption. Don’t risk undercooking your food. Just because the outside looks cooked, doesn’t mean the inside is.




When you have decided on your essential spit roast accessories, it is important to make sure that you are buying top-quality products at an affordable price. Do some research, speak to the staff and test their knowledge of the products and read reviews from other customers.



These days you have access to a wide range of BBQ spit roast accessories with many brands positioning themselves at different price points in the market. You will find a large variety of BBQ accessories online and it’s important not to compromise quality for cost. For accessories that will come in contact with your food such as the skewer, prongs and disks, always check they are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel. 

A great way to get the best bang for your buck is to buy your accessories as a set or package. This way you will have everything you need to feed the family or a whole football club while also saving on shipping and handling.


Not sure what accessories you need? Give the friendly team at BBQ Spit Rotisseries a call. Not only are we designers and manufacturers of spit-roasting equipment, we are passionate outdoor cooks who love helping customers get the most out of their spit. 


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by: Rhiannon Peterson