Camp Cooking 101 - Spit Roasters for Camping

Camp Cooking 101 - Spit Roasters for Camping

Australia is a truly beautiful country, from the stunning coastal vistas to the lush bushland ands arid deserts there truly is so much to see, enjoy and love. One of the best ways to see Australia and all her beauty is camping. The barrier too entry is relatively low with so many amazing national parks offering free or next to free camping facilities. 

Of course, you’ll have so much to see and do of a day, you’ll more than likely be wanting some well earned tucker. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to cook while camping is with a portable camping spit roaster. But knowing which spit is right for you isn’t always the easiest decision. 

We’ve prepared some great options to take the hassle out of your decision and get you out camping quicker!

Auspit - The Little Aussie Legend. 

Are you the type of person that appreciates simplicity while supporting Australian owned ideas and innovation? Do you appreciate quality and well built and designed products? Auspit is for you!

 Auspit Portable Camping Grill


Simplicity is at the heart of this Australian owned spit roaster. Specifically designed to be as solid and robust as Australia itself. The unique design means no screws to get lost while camping and it packs down to a small convenient travel bag (perfect for camping).

Coming standard with an 8kg battery-operated motor, that can be connected to a car battery using 12v leads this go-anywhere camping spit is up to any task you throw at it. 

It’s as simple as banging a single upright post into the ground above the campfire, attaching the skewer and motor using the patented mechanism and you’ll be cooking roasts, chickens, whole cuts of meat, veggies and whatever else you can imagine. 



What we love about this clever design is its versatility. With a plethora of optional accessories such as gyros discs, grills, hotplates, Auspit baskets, prongs and spit mates. This spit just keeps getting better. 


What‚also really clever about this spit is the ability to swing the skewer away from the fire if something is cooking too quickly, or it‚ ready. You also have incredible control of the cook with how easy height adjustability is. 


Coming in three kitted versions Auspit Original, Auspit Silver and Auspit Gold. The Auspit Original comes with mild steel upright post, upgrading to the Silver kit gives you a complete stainless steel unit. From there the only difference between silver and gold is the huge amount of accessories that come standard with the gold kit. 

Value for money, any of the kits will impress even the experienced of camper! 

Flaming Coals - Mini Spit. 

Are you the type of person that likes the flexibility to go anywhere, quickly without having to pack everything? Think no further than the Flaming Coals Mini Spit Roaster. 

One of the most reliable and desirable camping spit roasters on the market, this unique design packs down to the size of a briefcase, with all your accessories inside. Meaning travel, packing and space occupied in your vehicle while out camping is minimal. 

What we love about the unit is the inclusion of 304 food-grade stainless steel on every component that comes into contact with the food. Cheaper, inferior quality products cheap out and utilise chrome finish accessories. Why is this an issue? Well, chrome may break down after use chipping off and potentially contaminating the food you are cooking. It isn’t ideal and why would you want to risk that? 



The mini spit comes standard with an 8kg rated battery-operated motor, the motor itself is ridiculously energy efficient so a pair of 9v batteries will last numerous cooks before needing replacement. The mini spit comes standard with an 8mm skewer, meaning all of our accessories that fit 8-10mm skewers will be compatible with this unit. This includes but is not limited to - gyros discs, multi-use baskets, additional prongs and our round cage tumbler. 

The inclusion of a stainless steel grill means grilling over charcoal is easy, and gives options for veggies or just when you want a quick feed! 



Don’t let the size of this spit fool you, it's a much-loved powerhouse that won’t break the bank but will outlast even the worst of care. At a price point of around $200 - you really can’t go wrong with this premium mini spit. Camping just became a lot more enjoyable (& tasty). 


Flaming Coals Heavy Duty Portable Spit

Are you looking to cook larger cuts of meat or possibly full animals? Do you already have a fire pit or drum and you are looking to add a spit roasting facility? 

The Flaming Coals Heavy Duty Portable Spit is the answer that thousands of happy customers have gone for.



Our customers, from farmers to backyard warriors absolutely love the flexibility this spit roaster provides. Because set up/ pack up is so easy you aren’t limited with what’s possible. Let’s say you want to cater for an event in your backyard, with a whole animal like a pig spit roast or lamb spit roast.


Then next week you are out the back of woop woop camping, it's as easy as taking the skewer off the upright posts, putting everything in the included travel bag and you are on your way with a relatively small footprint.

Coming standard with a 30kg motor which is more than sufficient for any whole animal while camping, you do have options to get a 20kg 12/240v motor for the ultimate flexibility. Alternatively, we have options for 60 and 100kg motors. You really do have limitless options and opportunities when considering this spit roaster. 



Skewer and accessory compatibility. Our Heavy duty portable spit roaster comes standard with a 22mm skewer - in your desired length 1.2m, 1.6m or 2m. (Slight increase in price for the larger products). The good news about having such a universal skewer is compatibility with accessories. While the kit comes with everything you need to mount a whole animal, large prongs and back brace. There are other accessories you may consider depending on what you are trying to achieve. We strongly recommend the investment in a counter balance weight to ensure a proper balancing of a whole animal. 

However you may also consider such accessories as gyros discs, multi use basket and chicken prongs. 

If you need any additional help finding the right camping spit roaster for your needs or you would like to discuss how we can create a custom camping package please call our dedicated team of spit roasting experts on 1300 002 771.

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