5 Reasons You Should Own A Spit Roaster

5 Reasons You Should Own a Spit Roaster

5 Reasons You Should Own A Spit Roaster

Spits are a great way to easily cook for a large number of people 

Because spit roasters come in all different sizes, you can have one small enough to pull out for your Sunday roast each week, or large enough to cook for 200 people. No more rushing to put things in and out of the kitchen oven, or worrying how you're going to cook a hundred steaks and snags on the BBQ. Once you've put the meat onto the spit roaster, you can literally sit back and relax while the motor does all the hard work for you.

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Spit roasts have the WOW factor that'll have everyone talking about it

There's something about a spit roaster that pulls people in. Any party where there is a spit roaster, you'll be sure to find people gathering around, chatting, drooling and trying to pinch a piece of meat as it rotates. It's a great way to get people outside, mingling and provides that focal point in the backyard. 

Mouth watering flavour

You simply cannot beat the smoky flavour of a roast cooked on a spit. Regardless of how well you spice your roasts in the kitchen oven or the BBQ, there's something about a roast cooked on a spit that cannot be matched.....especially if it's cooked on a charcoal spit roaster

Slow cooked tender meat 

It goes without saying that meat cooked on a spit roast is the most delicious way to cook, not only due to the smoky flavour from charcoal, but because it is slow cooked over several hours. If cooked correctly, the meat should fall off the bone and melt in your mouth

Catch up with old friends

Putting on a spit roast is a guaranteed way to get friends together. Once you announce you're cooking a spit roaster, you'll be surprised how many friends come out of the woodwork just for the free feed!


by: Rhiannon Peterson