What to buy for fathers day

What to buy for fathers day

So it's that time of the year again when September is nearly upon us and we need to start looking at buying a gift for dad for fathers day. Every year you face the same dilemma and never know what to buy. The days of socks and jocks are long gone, and his favourite bottle of plonk the last 3 years running is also wearing a bit thin. But what do you get the man who has everything? 

Well, the truth is that he doesn't have EVERYTHING...he just has everything that you have managed to think of in about, hmmm let's see..... 30 seconds!

There are heaps of great outdoor cooking ideas that I bet you haven't even thought of. Best still, they're at all different budgets. 


Footy finals are approaching so why not buy him something for fathers day that he can use to entertain the boys around during footy finals? BBQs are boring and labour intensive so the last thing dad wants is to be missing out on part of the game while slaving over a BBQ. A spit roaster on the other hand is a self-propelled drool-creating machine. Light the coals and put the meat on the spit an hour or so before the game starts, sit back and relax with a coldie while your food cooks itself and it'll be ready at halftime. 

There are large spit roasters for cooking whole lambs or pigs starting from $429 or there are smaller units for more regular use or camping from $139

If dads a bit of a camper and loves heading out into the big outdoors, a portable multi-fuel stove at $89 will ensure he'll never have a butane gas cooker fail again. Butane gas cookers don't work if it's too cold, whereas multi-fuel stoves will ensure dad can still cook his bacon and eggs on even the most chilly of mornings. 

If your dad is anything like mine, he's not the most adventurous of people. He's unlikely to cook with charcoal or head out into the great outdoors. He does however love his outdoor gas BBQ and likes trying out new flavours. A smoking box with wood smoking pellets at $29 adds extra flavour to any barbecued meats. Simply add the wood smoking pellets into the smoking box and put the smoking box on the grill plate in the BBQ. Add pellets such as hickory, apple or even beer or Jim Beam pellets from $10 to create a BBQ like no other. Best still, it means that you'll have another gift idea ready for Christmas as he'll need different flavour wood pellets to try! 


Whether dad's into roasting, smoking or barbecuing, he could also use marinating injectors to ensure flavours permeate right into the centre of the meat or basting brushes to keep the meat moist while cooking. Or how about heatproof gloves to stop him from burning himself after he's had a few too many? These BBQ accessories are available for just $6. 

Whatever you decide to get dad for fathers day, try to come up with something unique he doesn't already have and something he will actually use. 

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