Upgrade Your Pizza Game: The Ultimate Guide to OONI Pizza Oven Accessories

Upgrade Your Pizza Game: The Ultimate Guide to OONI Pizza Oven Accessories



The OONI Pizza Oven is probably already familiar to you if you enjoy pizza and outdoor cooking. This small, portable oven has completely changed how people make pizza at home and has quickly gained popularity. But did you know that there are several accessories out there that can up your pizza-making game? In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the best OONI pizza oven accessories available on the market today.


1. OONI Pizza Oven Cover

The pizza oven cover from OONI is first up. When not in use,This_image_shows_koda_12_Carry_coverthis sturdy cover is designed with the goal of protecting the elements from your OONI Pizza Oven. This cover, which is made of tough material, will keep your pizza oven dry and free of clutter so that it's ready whenever you need it. The OONI Pizza Oven Cover is a must-have item for any serious pizza enthusiast because of its snug fit and ease of application and removal. 


Choose between the OONI Karu 16 Cover, Karu 12, Koda 12, and Koda 16 Cover, each of which is specially designed for a specific oven model. These covers, which are made of durable and waterproof material, guarantee that your OONI pizza oven stays dry and clean so it's ready for your next pizza-making adventure.


2. OONI Pizza Peel

The OONI Pizza Peel is yet another essential OONI Pizza Oven This_image_shows_OONI_pizza_peelaccessory. Made of premium stainless steel, this uniquely shaped pizza peel has a smooth, flat surface that makes it simple to slide your pizzas into and out of the oven. The OONI Pizza Peel is ideal for making pizzas of restaurant quality at home because of its lightweight construction and comfortable handle.


Choose between our OONI 14" Pizza peel and OONI 12" Pizza Peel, both made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminium for simple handling. These peels' slick and seamless construction guarantees that your pizzas slide perfectly onto and off of the cooking surface for perfect results each and every time.




3. OONI Bamboo Peel

The OONI Bamboo Peel might be the ideal accessory for you if you prefer a more traditional look. This peel is not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly light and simple to use because it is made from sustainable bamboo. The OONI Bamboo Peel is the ideal tool for any at-home pizza maker because it has a tapered edge that makes it simple to slide pizzas into and out of the oven.


Choose between our OONI 14" Bamboo Pizza Peel and OONI 12" Bamboo Pizza Peel





4. OONI Pizza Oven Brush


The OONI Pizza Oven Brush. This practical add-on is made to make it easier for you to maintain the cleanliness and condition of your OONI Pizza Oven. The brush's sturdy bristles and high-quality stainless steel construction make it simple to remove any ash or debris from the oven floor. Additionally, the OONI Pizza Oven Brush is simple to use and will help guarantee that your pizza oven remains in excellent condition for many years to come thanks to its long handle and comfortable grip.





In conclusion, the OONI Pizza Oven is a fantastic device for making delectable homemade pizzas. Additionally, you can up your pizza-making game with the variety of accessories available. There is an accessory for every need, from safeguarding your pizza oven with the OONI Pizza Oven Cover to sliding your pizzas in and out of the oven with the OONI Pizza Peel or OONI Bamboo Peel to keeping your oven clean with the OONI Pizza Oven Brush. Why then wait? With OONI Pizza Oven Accessories, you can up your pizza game right now.

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by: Michael Wilkie