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Pizza Pans

Using a pizza pan ensures evenly cooked, crispy crusts for perfect pizzas every time. Pizza pans are crucial in wood fired pizza ovens, providing consistent heat distribution and preventing dough from sticking to the oven floor.

Perforated Pizza Pan

A perforated pizza tray has small holes throughout its surface. These holes allow for better airflow and heat circulation, resulting in a crispier crust. The perforations help moisture escape, preventing the pizza from becoming soggy. This type of pan is particularly useful for thin-crust pizzas, where a crispy base is desired.

Regular Pizza Pan 

A regular pizza tray, on the other hand, has a solid, flat surface. This design is ideal for cooking pizzas with thicker crusts or heavier toppings, as it provides a sturdy base and even support. It helps in retaining moisture, making it suitable for pizzas where a softer, chewier crust is preferred.

Key Differences

  • Crispiness: Perforated pans produce a crispier crust due to improved airflow, while regular pans are better for a softer crust.
  • Moisture Control: Perforated pans help reduce sogginess by allowing moisture to escape, whereas regular trays retain more moisture.
  • Crust Type: Perforated pans are ideal for thin crusts, and regular trays work well with thick or heavily topped pizzas.

Choosing between a perforated and regular pizza pan depends on your preference for crust texture and the type of pizza you plan to make.