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GrillGrates: A Comprehensive Guide

Grill grates are one of the most popular grilling accessories on the market. Grillers everywhere know that Grill grates make your grill better. But what are Grill grates? What can you cook on them? 

Grill grates are made out of anodized aluminium and have a patented ribbed design that allows for even heat distribution and prevents sticking. GrillGrates are used to cook food directly on the grate, as well as to indirectly cook food by placing them over a heat source. Grill grates can be used on gas grills, charcoal grills, and even smoker grills.

So now that we know what Grill grates are, let's talk about what they're good for. Grill grates are great for cooking any kind of meat, specifically steaks, however, we cook burgers, chicken, steak, or fish. The ribs of the grill grate helps to evenly cook the food and prevent sticking. Grill grates are also great for indirect cooking. By placing them over a heat source such as coals, you can indirectly cook food like chicken or ribs. Grill grates are also great for cooking vegetables. The even heat and the ribbed design of the Grill grates help to evenly cook vegetables, making them a perfect side dish for any meal.

Now that we know what Grill grates are and what they're good for, let's talk about why you should buy them. Grill grates are an investment that will make your grill better. They're made out of high-quality materials that will last. If you're looking for a way to improve your grilling experience, then buying Grill grates is a great option. 


GrillGrates FAQs 

 How hot do GrillGrates get?

Grill grates allow you to grill steaks directly over a very hot fire without moving the steaks to a safe zone to avoid over-searing and burning the exterior. Generally, the Grillgrates reach temperatures of 600-700F. 

 What is the purpose of GrillGrates?

GrillGrates concentrate and even out the heat of any grill. They are additive to the cooking process via patented raised rails that are heat injectors and contribute to precision searing.

 Do GrillGrates make a difference?

Yes absolutely, grillgrates allow you to achieve the perfect sear marks in your steak, allow for even heat distribution and make your cooking experience a lot more enjoyable. 

 Are GrillGrates worth the money?

We believe so, however you may want to weigh up the frequency of how often you plan to use your GrillGrates to decide whether they are worth the money for you. 

 Do Grill marks add flavour?

Nope, they don’t add flavour. But they do enhance your cooking experience.

 Do GrillGrates work on Traeger?

Yes, GrillGrates do work on Traeger Pellet Grills. Be sure to order the correct model for your grill.

 Do GrillGrates work on pellet grills? 

Yes, GrillGrates work on pellet grills. 

 What are GrillGrates made of?

GrillGrates are made of strong hard-anodized aluminium, which provides years of grate grilling. With moderate care and proper use, GrillGrates should outlast the life of your grill. Clean before grilling using a traditional wire brush.

 Can I put GrillGrates in the diswasher?

We don’t advise putting greasy grillgrates into your dishwasher as it may affect the health of your dishwasher. Cleaning your GrillGrates by hand really isn’t that hard with a simple BBQ degreaser.