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Flaming Coals Ultimate 4 Rub Pack

Flaming Coals Ultimate 4 Rub Pack

Flaming Coals Ultimate 4 Rub Pack Model: FC-4RUBBOX This pack includes : Bovine Espresso Brisket BBQ Rub 332g - Flaming Coals - is the perfect companion for all things beef...

Gluten Free Rubs

Having several team members and family members with gluten intolerances, we completely understand how knowing the ingredients in BBQ rubs/sauces is of serious importance to the health of our customers. This is why we've created an easy guide to all of the Gluten Free Products we sell. Many rubs/sauces have gluten-containing ingredients, such as soy sauce, flour, and malt vinegar which are often used as fillers or flavourings in protein that has been processed. These ingredients may be added to sauces, rubs, and marinades that are commonly paired with protein sources. The items listed in our Gluten Friendly section are free of these ingredients, however, there are some products in this catalogue that could possess a 'May Contain' product caution. This is because they are not manufactured in a facility that is 100% free of gluten and therefore there is a slight risk that cross-contamination may occur. For a clear understanding of totally Gluten Free products please call us on 1300 002 771.