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Ceramic BBQ Smokers | Kamado Smoker for Sale in Australia

Ceramic BBQ Smokers


If you are looking for a compact, easy-to-use meat smoker and you want to get the best flavour you can get out of smoking, then you need to stay away from pellet grills and look into purchasing a charcoal smoker. Natural timber and charcoal will always produce better results with amazing favours. Now, there are a wide range of charcoal smokers on the market and a lot of them are huge and can be a little too hands-on. As we mentioned at the start, the BBQ smoker needs to be compact and easy to use. This narrows our list down quite a bit and leaves us with the versatile kettle BBQ or Ceramic BBQ Smokers

Ceramic BBQ Smokers

Some of the benefits of cooking in a ceramic BBQ smoker are as follows:

Long Lasting - Due to the smoker being made out of ceramic it will not corrode and will last a lifetime provided you don't drop it.
Easy to Clean - No liquid or liquid cleaners are ever to be used on the body so all you need to do is scrub the grill and empty the ash out.
Amazing Heat Retention - Due to the walls being ceramic, this absorbs heat as well as provides extreme insulation from the external elements. The absorbed heat then also helps cook your food.
Extremely Fuel Efficient - Due to the thermal dynamics of the ceramic wall and insulation properties, it holds its heat for a long time meaning less charcoal is needed to cook your food. 
Steady and Even Heat Distribution- Because of the central positioning of the charcoal and the ceramic construction, the walls all heat up evenly. The entire internal surface area acts like a radiating oven meaning your temperature stays steadier throughout the cook and cooks more evenly.
Juicier meat- Since less airflow is required when cooking with ceramic smokers, this means your food is not exposed to drafting in the smoker and the juices stay in the meat where they belong.
Versatile cooking - Ceramic Kamado Barbecues are capable of smoking, roasting, grilling, searing and even spit roasting with the correct accessories. 
Amazing flavour in your food - Due to the natural timber smoke and pure heat from your lump charcoal your food will come out moist and full of flavour. 
With these benefits, it's no wonder ceramic smokers are becoming a popular sight in the Australian Backyard. If you need any more help or information on a ceramic smoker, don't hesitate to get in contact with us via chat, phone at 1300 002 771 or email us at 

Ceramic BBQ Smokers: The Best Way to Smoke Meat at Home

There are a lot of different ways to smoke meat, but if you want the best consistent results, you should use a ceramic BBQ smoker. Ceramic smokers are known for their even heat distribution and consistent temperature control, which is essential for smoking meat. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a ceramic BBQ smoker and provide some tips for choosing the right one for your needs.

Ceramic smokers are a fairly new addition to the smoking world, and they are becoming more and more popular. But what is a ceramic smoker? How does it work? What's the difference between it and other smokers or grills? In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions!

A ceramic smoker is a type of smoker that is constructed out of ceramic materials that absorb heat and then radiate that heat back into the cooker which contributes to the cooking process. Ceramic smokers usually have a ceramic bowl at the base where a handful of charcoal sits along with the smoking chips, above that there is also a ceramic plate or stone. The heat from the coals heats up all the ceramic materials which then help cook your food. It is this heat absorption and radiation that makes a ceramic egg smoker so fuel efficient.

So how does this differ from other smokers such as reverse flow smokers or gravity feed smokers? Well, most other smokers and grills use metal materials. Metal conducts heat much better than ceramic, so it can reach higher temperatures more quickly. However, this also means that metal smokers and grills can be more difficult to control the temperature and lose a lot of heat to the lower temperature outside the oven. A Ceramic smoker, on the other hand, has thicker walls and has much better heat retention. This means that they can maintain a consistent temperature for longer periods of time, making them ideal for smoking meat.

Ceramic smokers are ideal for smoking meat because they provide even heat distribution and consistent temperature control throughout your cook. This is due to the fact that ceramic materials are excellent insulators. They help to prevent hot spots and ensure that the meat is cooked evenly throughout.

Another benefit of using a ceramic egg smoker is that it tends to be more fuel-efficient than other types of smokers. This again is because they retain heat better, which means you won’t need to use as much fuel to maintain your desired temperature. Since you also don't need a lot of fuel it usually means that you never need to top up the charcoal. This eliminates any temperature spikes from your cook.

When choosing a ceramic BBQ smoker, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure that the unit is big enough to accommodate the amount of meat you want to smoke at one time. Second, look for a unit that is thick, offers a lifetime warranty on the dome and has decent draft control. This will help to ensure that your smoker is built properly and maintains a consistent temperature. Finally, make sure the unit is easy to clean so you can keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to find the best ceramic BBQ smoker for your needs. With a little practice, you’ll be smoking meat like a pro in no time!

BBQ Spit Rotisseries is Australia's one-stop shop for Ceramic BBQ Smokers! Check out our range of Ceramic egg Smokers and enjoy peace of mind with a 60-day returns policy, convenient shipping options and numerous finance options available. 

Happy smoking!


Ceramic BBQ Smokers FAQ - Ceramic Smoker Australia

Best ceramic smoker Australia? Ceramic smokers are slowly becoming more popular, but there is still some debate about whether or not they are actually better than other types of smokers. Ceramic smokers do have some advantages. For one thing, ceramic grills retain heat very well, so you can cook your food at a consistent temperature, for a long period of time while using little fuel. Ceramic smokers such as the SNS Kamado BBQ also tend to be very durable and easy to clean. However, ceramic smokers do have some disadvantages. They can be expensive, they can be difficult to move around and they can break if you drop them. If you are considering buying a ceramic smoker, weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a final decision.

If you are looking at purchasing a smoker for you and your family, and you don't wish to cook a rack of ribs, brisket and pulled pork all at once, and you also want a smoker that is efficient and very easy to use with minimal maintenance and monitoring while cooking, then a ceramic egg smoker is what you are after. 

If you are after the best ceramic smoker then look at the warranty, That is the best giveaway to determine if the smoker you are considering buying has been manufactured to a high quality and standard. The SnS Slow n Sear Kamado comes with a lifetime warranty on the ceramics, a 10 years warranty on the stainless cooking accessories and 5 years on all the other parts. With a Warranty like that you know you are purchasing the best kamado smoker in Australia. 

Ceramic smokers are a type of barbecue grill that uses ceramic materials to retain heat and moisture. The ceramic materials used in ceramic smokers absorb and radiate heat evenly, making them ideal for slow-cooking meats and vegetables. Ceramic smokers typically have two sections: a fire chamber which is in the lower section where the charcoal or wood is burned, and a smoking chamber which is the upper section where the food is cooked. Due to the ceramic bowl absorbing heat and radiating it evenly around the smoker, you will always get perfectly cooked food, every time. To maintain an even temperature in the oven, all you need to do is regulate the airflow through the fire chamber and the smoking chamber by adjusting the damper on the bottom and the top of the smoker. By controlling the airflow, you can control the temperature, ensuring that your food is cooked slowly and evenly. Ceramic smokers are perfect for those who want to enjoy the flavour of slow-cooked food without the hassle of monitoring and regulating the temperature constantly like is requires with an offset smoker

A ceramic grill smoker is a great way to add flavour to your food. The ceramic material absorbs heat and radiates it back to the food, giving it a unique flavour. To use a ceramic grill smoker, first, you will need to choose the right type of meat. Pork, chicken, and beef are all good choices. Next, you will need to prepare the meat by marinating it or placing it in a rub. Once the meat is prepared, you will need to light and preheat the ceramic grill smoker. The steps to use a ceramic smoker are as follows:

  1. Open all vents and fill the lower charcoal bowl full of charcoal. This should be about a 10-litre bucket in volume however it varies from smoker to smoker. 
  2. Ensure the charcoal is flat and level and then light the centre of the charcoal. To light the charcoal you can either use natural firelighters or an electric charcoal starter
  3. Do not insert the heat deflector or grills as yet. Leave the smoker open and let that charcoal catch alight properly.
  4. After 10 - 15 minutes the centre of your charcoal pile should be well lit. At this stage place 2 wood chunks around the perimeter of the lit coal but not in the fire. We want the smoker to get to cooking temperature before this timber starts smouldering.
  5. At this stage, you can insert the heat deflector and grill. Keep your eye on the smoker temperature gauge and when it hits 200°F (93°c) it's time to start adjusting your air vents. 
  6. We found to maintain a steady 225°f in a Slow n Sear Kamado smoker the bottom vent should be around 5mm open and the top vent should be around 1/4 to 1/2 way open
  7. When your oven hits 225°f, it's now time to open your smoker and inset your meat. 

It's as simple as that. Keep your eye on the temperature for the next 30 minutes to ensure that the air vents are in the correct settings. After that, the smoker will maintain this temperature for the remainder of the cook. We highly recommend using a remote wireless meat thermometer to monitor your oven temperature and food temperature from wherever you are around your house. 

Ceramic smokers are designed for durability and long-term use. A high-quality egg smoker such as the slow n sear Kamado will last a lifetime or 2 providing you look after it and don't misuse the product. That is why we consider SnS to be the best ceramic smoker in Australia. The key to prolonging the life of a ceramic grill is to keep it dry both in and out and don't use it like a furnace. When not in use, ceramic grills should be covered or stored in a dry, protected area. With proper care, ceramic grills can provide many years of enjoyment.

Ceramic smokers and ceramic grills have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their efficiency and ability to produce excellent results. However, one of the most common questions that ceramic smokers and ceramic grill shoppers have is whether or not these grills will rust. In short, no, the ceramic body of a ceramic grill will not rust. However, the same can not be said about the metal parts in the smoker like the grill, hinges and handle. Unless you buy a quality Kamado ceramic smoker, like the ones produced by SnS Grills you may have issues when inferior steel or low grade stainless steel is used in the assembly of your ceramic smoker. 

Ceramic smokers are becoming increasingly popular for home chefs who want to add a touch of professional flare to their cooking. In short, yes Ceramic grills are excellent for low and slow smoking BBQ as they provide incredible heat retention and even heat distribution.