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Kettle BBQ to Smoker Conversion Kit

The SNS Weber Kettle BBQ Smoker Conversion Kits  have been specifically designed to enhance your cooking versatility and allow you to transform your kettle bbq into a smoking machine!

With the SNS Weber Conversion kit, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the convenience of your trusty Kettle BBQ and the rich, smoky flavour of traditional smoker bbqs

SNS Charcoal Inserts 

SNS Charcoal Baskets have been designed specifically for the Weber® charcoal kettles - SNS's unique design creates the ideal two-zone set-up as the multi-function charcoal divider fits snugly into the grill. Plus, the porcelain exterior of the kettle is protected from the extreme heat of banked charcoal by the stainless steel sidewall. Dramatically improving your cooking and elevating your experience while grilling and smoking.

SNS Drip 'N Griddle Pans 

Say goodbye to messy foil and hello to easy clean up! SnS's selection of drip pans are the perfect solution for keeping grills clean while also providing better airflow through the Slow 'N Sear®. They also work great as roasting and warming pans.

 Shop our Kettle BBQ to smokers conversion kit today and unleash your inner pit master. With BBQ Spit Rotisseries, smoking delicious meals at home has never been easier.